Top 5 Best Memory Foam Pillows In 2022

Updated: July 14th, 2022

Humans spend a lot of time sleeping – about a third of our entire lives. So it is pretty sensible to make such a crucial part of our lives as comfortable as possible. The quality of the pillow you sleep on matters just as much as the mattress and sheets. This is because the right pillow could either positively or negatively affect the quality of sleep you get, as well as your physical well-being.

While memory foam mattresses have been all the rage for a while, there’s one small bedding item that tends to get overlooked – the pillow. Just like the mattresses, memory foam pillows are made of a retentive material that contours in response to pressure and heat from your body. This contouring helps the pillow create a perfectly shaped pressure-relieving cradle for your head, neck, and shoulders. 

In my quest to find the best memory foam pillows, I was lucky enough to find one that allowed me to have the best sleep I’ve had in ages. Before I go into detail about it, here are my top 5.

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TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow by Tempur-Pedic



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Easy Breather Pillow by Nest Bedding




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REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow



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Why Derila Memory Foam Pillow is the #1 Pick?

Stress and long work days certainly take their toll on your body. As someone who works at a desk for most of the day, I have found that my back, neck, and shoulders hurt a lot when it’s time to get some shut-eye. Tossing and turning all night is no fun, especially when you need the rest. While I already use a memory foam mattress, I didn’t realize I was missing something until I started testing memory foam pillows. I discovered memory foam pillows several years ago after I started to experience poor sleep quality. 

As you get older, your joints and muscles start weakening and recovering slower from injuries, bad sleeping or sitting posture, etc. Whether you’ve got stressful work days like me or you experience pain due to weaker joints and muscles, the Derila memory foam pillow can be a life-changing addition to your sleep routine. 

The Derila pillow improved my sleep quality so much that in only a few days, I noticed a significant decrease in my neck and upper-middle back pain. I now wake up well-rested, refreshed, and in a great condition to start the day!

Incredible Ergonomic Design for Proper Spine Alignment

The Derila pillow provides a great posture-friendly ergonomic design. The pillow follows your spine’s natural curvature, preventing unnecessary pressure from affecting your back. It provides the perfect amount of support without pain.

Premium High-Density Memory Foam

This memory foam pillow is made of high-quality, high-density memory foam that intelligently responds to your body’s weight and shape. The advanced foam molds to your unique shape to relieve pressure on your neck, head, shoulders, and upper back.

Reduce Muscle Pain and Soreness

Poor posture during the day and when you’re sleeping can lead to muscle pain and soreness. I have struggled with this for a couple of years, and I have since observed that Derila uses continued support to reduce this pain and soreness.

Great for All Types of Sleepers

I have never been a specific type of sleeper. Some days, I’m a side sleeper, and on others, a stomach or back sleeper. Whatever position I choose to sleep in, the Derila pillow gives me maximum support and comfort, allowing me to enjoy my sleep. When sleeping on my back and side, the pillow gives adequate support to my neck and upper back, eliminating the risk of waking up with a stiff neck in the morning.

Helps With Snoring

Regular pillows typically contribute to snoring as they don’t provide the right amount of support for your neck. The Derila memory foam pillow is brilliantly designed to support your neck, thus opening your airways and reducing nasal congestion or snoring.

Easy to Use and Transport

Using my Derila pillow at home was excellent, but traveling with it unlocked new possibilities for me! This lightweight pillow is super easy to carry around, and I could just whip it out whenever for a quick nap. I mostly carried it while traveling, so it’s an excellent item for frequent commuters and travelers. Everyone appreciates being able to catch some shuteye while commuting, so this is definitely one of the things I love most about this pillow.


Derila memory foam pillow is incredibly efficient. From the high-quality memory foam that instantly molds to your body, to the brilliant ergonomic shape, there’s so much to love about it. Despite being such an awesome item, Derila has decided to keep this pillow affordable. 

You can grab your own Derila memory foam pillow at a budget-friendly price and even lower as the company is running an irresistible 50% discount. Don’t hesitate because you certainly deserve better sleep and a pillow that keeps you happy.

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"The best in market"

5,628 Reviews


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